Avatvos Consultancy

E-Commerce monitoring






With our tool you can:

*       Perform a daily comparison between your product  offer and the main product offer of the competition.

*      Monitor and analyze the discounts and promotional activities at the competition.

*    Perform a cross country comparisson based on data collected in other European countries where we are active in. (BNLX,GE,FR,SP,PO,IT,UK)

*      Monitor and analyze the of presence of brands and all the products on the virtual shelf.

*      Manage conflicts between distribution channels.

*       Compare prices and differences with the competition and have it displayed in percentages.

*       Monitor price and promotion policies and have displayed which are giving the best results.

*       Know exactly where and when the prices of the competition change and in which way.

*      Receive alerts when a there is a price or product change at the competitor of your choice and within a by you chosen threshold.

*       Analyze price trends of the competition, by retrieving historical data from the system and identify the competitors price policy.

*       Process all data in graphs.

*       Export all available data to Excel or other office applications.