Avatvos Consultancy

E-Commerce monitoring






What is our added value:

We offer you the key to a very affordable but powerful web monitoring tool that retrieves in near real-time information on the competition.

 The internet provides instant information which can have an impact on the decisionmaking of consumers where to buy their products. We let you benefit from this same instant information, in order to follow all the moves that your competition makes, in which direction whatsoever. With our tool we can make all the moves transparent for you.

Prior to all the fast developments with the internet, the consumer was obliged to visit all the physical stores in order to find the best bargain but nowadays he can do that from his lazy chair. This enlarges the universe with competition. But our added value is to let you be ahead of your competition.

Once or Twice a day we monitor all online prices according to your perimeter (your products and websites). This can be from national-, international- or retailers brand and can be followed at local, national or international level.

Other than comparisson sites we do not work with data that is given to us by vendors, in order for them to only provide the data that they want to show or not. We gather everything that shows on the web and can be seen by the consumer.

It provides you insight in the various channels and on how the products compete in the 4 essential dimensions of the marketing mix: Product features, Price, Promotion, and Place of selling.

Thanks to this real-time information you can implement, a timely and effective pricing strategy for promotional and merchandising purpose, based on competitive intelligence.

 - You can also detect wether a specific product is used as a loss leader.

 - To build a strong and effective cooperation with retailers.

 - Review your share of voice on the web.